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These contracts go by different names in different states but are often referred to as nonmarital agreements or living together contracts.

These contracts function similarly to prenuptial agreements, and set forth how money, property and debt among other things will be handled during and even after the relationship.

They specify that dating is a privilege and spell out appropriate and inappropriate dating activity.

This is especially important if you have a daughter and should be included as part of the dating contract.Even if you're morally or philosophically opposed to marriage, it's still smart to define the relationship's rights, obligations and how property is to be distributed.Legality of Living Together Contracts Contracts that function similar to marriage between unmarried couples have not always been on sound legal ground.Here are some items to consider: Free Attorney Match With the increasing diversity of relationship structures among couples, having a non-marital agreement, or living together contract, can help to clarify important issues and avoid problems down the road.Even if you and your partner have an agreement in mind, it doesn't hurt to speak with a family law attorney to make sure the agreement is sound and enforceable.

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It defines the rights and obligations that each party owes each other.

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